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Belarus protesters march against nuclear power on Chernobyl anniversary

Around 400 people have marched in Minsk to mark the anniversary of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster, and protest against the construction of a nuclear plant in Belarus. About a quarter of Belarus' territory was contaminated and an 850-square-mile region was declared unfit for human habitation.

Teenager packed rucksack with ball bearings and set timer on Tube, court hears

A weapons-obsessed teenager plotted carnage in the capital when he planted a homemade bomb on the Tube, a court has heard. Damon Smith was 19 when he allegedly packed a rucksack with explosives and deadly ball bearing shrapnel and left it on a train timed to go off within minutes.

Iraqi forces say they have seized Hatra antiquities site

Iraqi forces say they have captured Hatra, a 2,000-year-old historical site near the northern city of Mosul where a battle with Islamic State has been raging for months. The media arm of the state-sanctioned force made up mainly of Shiite militias broadcast images of the site, showing what appeared to be the ancient ruins in the distance as militia vehicles drove through open desert.

Ex-MP David Ward sacked as Lib Dem candidate after - anti-Semitism' claim

Mr Farron denounced former MP David Ward as "unfit to represent the party" and reversed a decision to let him stand for the party on June 8 in his old constituency of Bradford East. The decision came hours after Prime Minister Theresa May unleashed a broadside at the Liberal Democrats in the House of Commons for putting forward a candidate "with questionable views on anti-Semitism".

Romania: hundreds of taxis, buses protest Uber

Some 200 taxis and buses have parked outside the government offices in Romania's capital, Bucharest, demanding that Uber and other online taxi services be outlawed in the country. Transport in the already crowded city was disrupted Wednesday morning as the protest, scheduled to last until the evening, got underway.

NBC reporter, Latina journalism pioneer Cecilia Alvear dies

Cecilia Alvear, who fought for Latino inclusion in newsrooms and reached unprecedented heights for a Hispanic woman in journalism in a decades-long career with NBC news, has died, her partner said Tuesday. Alvear, who also served as president of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, died at her home in Santa Monica after suffering from breast cancer that recurred in 2012, her longtime partner George Lewis said.

Palestinian activist pleads guilty to US immigration crime

Rasmea Odeh, stands outside federal court Tuesday, April 25, 2017, in Detroit. Odeh, a Chicago Palestinian activist who didn't disclose her time in an Israeli prison when she got U.S. citizenship, agreed to plead guilty to failing to tell U.S. immigration officials in 2004 that she was convicted and imprisoned in Israel for bombings in the late ... (more)

Russia steps in after Ukraine cuts power to rebel-held east

In a move that further cements Russia's control over parts of eastern Ukraine, Russian officials announced Tuesday they will begin supplying electricity to separatist-controlled areas after the Ukrainian government cut off power because of a heavy backlog of unpaid bills. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov described the decision as a humanitarian mission helping to keep an estimated 3 million people out of darkness in rebel-held areas in the Luhansk region along Russia's border.

Ivanka Trump vows push for change for women, defends father

Ivanka Trump pledged to push for "incremental, positive change" for women in the U.S. economy and defended her father's attitudes toward women as she made her first international outing Tuesday as a White House adviser.

Israeli PM cancels meeting with visiting German minister

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has cancelled a meeting with the visiting German foreign minister over the latter's plans to hold a meeting with Israeli rights groups. An official said Mr Netanyahu was upset that German foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel is sitting down with Breaking the Silence, a whistleblowing group critical of Israeli military actions in the West Bank.

Labour told to expect 'a kicking' in local elections

Experts said Jeremy Corbyn's party was facing "a kicking" in Wales in the May 4 council elections and is "heading for disaster" in Scotland, where it could lose control of all the local authorities it holds, as the Scottish National Party and Conservatives reap the benefits. Analysis by Plymouth University professors Colin Rallings and Michael Thrasher put Conservatives on track for likely gains of around 115 councillors in the English county, unitary and metropolitan seats up for grabs next month.

North Korea stages large-scale 'live fire' drill as US submarine docks in South

NORTH Korea conducted a big live-fire exercise on Tuesday to mark the foundation of its military as a US submarine docked in South Korea in a show of force amid growing concern over the North's nuclear and missile programmes. NORTH Korea conducted a big live-fire exercise on Tuesday to mark the foundation of its military as a US submarine docked in South Korea in a show of force amid growing concern over the North's nuclear and missile programmes.

Man, 95, spared jail over attempted mercy killing of 88-year-old wife

A 95-year-old man who bludgeoned his wife of 65 years with a lump hammer in an attempted mercy killing has been spared jail. A 95-year-old man who bludgeoned his wife of 65 years with a lump hammer in an attempted mercy killing has been spared jail.

Spanish police arrest nine over terror attacks in Belgium and France

Spanish police have arrested nine suspected members of a jihadi group in connection with recent deadly attacks in Belgium and France. Police said the arrested were one Spaniard and eight Moroccans living in Catalonia, all aged between 30 and 40 years old.

Ukip's Paul Nuttall - will probably stand' in General Election, aide says

Peter Whittle said Mr Nuttall was "still thinking about it" after the party leader refused to commit to fighting a Westminster seat. Following the event, Mr Nuttall then waited in an apparently locked room, emerging to a barrage of reporters' questions as he left the Marriott County Hall hotel in London.

Primary school shut for second day after travellers set up camp nearby

The headteacher and governors at Camp Hill Primary in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, said rubbish had been thrown on to the school site, posing a safety risk, after travellers set up camp during the Easter break. Soiled nappies were spotted among piles of litter on the site, and there was evidence travellers had scaled fences to get on to school property, according to one governor who visited on Monday.

Red and white striped house can stay after woman wins court battle

A woman who decorated her multimillion-pound townhouse with red and white stripes has won a High Court battle over a planning authority's order to repaint the property. Property developer Zipporah Lisle-Mainwaring painted candy stripes on the facade of the three-storey terraced building in South End, Kensington, west London, in March 2015.

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