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Naver founder seeks ‘ownerless’ company designation
Lee Hae-jin, the founder of South Korean internet giant Naver, has visited the Fair Trade Commission to seek an “ownerless” status designation for the company, as it is set to obtain “large corporation” status and become subject to new antitrust regulations.

LG opens biggest overseas brand shop in Iraq
LG Electronics opened its largest overseas brand shop in Iraq as an investment in the emerging market of the Middle East, the company announced Wednesday.

Ex-Nasa scientist shoots for the stars
SINGAPORE - Former Nasa scientist Bidushi Bhattacharya, 52, is on a quest to make outer space more accessible to a wider market.

Big data and AI look certain to transform medical profession
Ali Health is focused on nurturing a big data system to upgrade its existing medical operation.

South Korea LG service centers attacked by ransomware
SEOUL - A ransomware attack resembling WannaCry's malicious code has attacked South Korean tech giant LG Electronics' service centers.

Oracle expands cloud with PaaS and SaaS services
Oracle has announced significant expansion of the breadth of services available through Oracle Cloud at Customer. 

AMD launches high end desktop processors with Ryzen Threadripper
AMD has released two models of Ryzen Threadripper high-end desktop processors, AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X and AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920X. 

China's mobile app economy may surpass US, Japan
China's booming mobile app market will continue to expand with rising smart device penetration and mobilization of more traditional businesses, according to a leading industry observer.

Synology introduces DiskStation DS418j
Synology Inc has launched the new DiskStation DS418j, which it describes as a “budget-friendly” four-bay NAS server designed to help home and individual users “manage, protect and share data effectively”.

Netflix to make its first Chinese language original series
Netflix, the US streaming and entertainment platform, has finally stepped into the Chinese market.

In-flight Wi-Fi now seen as vital service
The three Asia Pacific airlines with the highest customer expectations of high quality in-flight Wi-Fi are all from China-Air China, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines.

Chinese scientists probe unexplored Pacific seamount
ABOARD KEXUE-Chinese scientists began exploring a seamount called Caroline in the western Pacific Ocean for the first time on Monday, using a remotely operated diving vehicle to take measurements, record videos and collect samples.

Facebook opens Indonesia’s office
JAKARTA - Facebook finally opens its office in Indonesia as the country has 65 million daily users.

LG V30 to be unlocked via any voice keywords
SEOUL - LG Electronics Inc. on Monday revealed features for the upcoming flagship V30, which lets users fully utilise the Full Vision display that minimises bezels for a wider screen.

‘Smart classroom’ is the future of school
SEOUL - Schools of the future will soon be expecting a paradigm shift in educative systems, focusing more on teaching students the "smart" way.

Korea 2030, a new society with new challenges
SEOUL - South Korea has experienced rapid modernisation since the end of the Korean War and is expected to continue to change rapidly in the coming years.

Mobile health app to launch before 2018
NAYPYIDAW - A mobile health app is ready to be launched before the end of the year in Mandalay Region to help users during emergencies and it will be in use before at the end of 2017, sources claim.

5G smartphones likely to emerge in 2019
SEOUL - Starting from 2019, consumers can expect to use their smartphones running on 5G network.

Science chief’s resignation puts Moon’s innovation drive on hold
SEOUL - Park Ky-young, who was recently appointed as chief of the Office of Science, Technology and Innovation, has suddenly resigned from her post, which created doubts on President Moon Jae-in's appointment system.

SpaceX to launch super-computer to space
MIAMI - SpaceX is poised to launch an unmanned cargo ship toward the International Space Station Monday, including a super-computer that could direct astronauts on future deep-space missions.

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