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Laos urged to speed up energy transfer to Cambodia
Cambodia has asked Laos to speed up the transmission of energy to the kingdom under a deal signed earlier this year.

Energy Ministry readies renewables scheme to cut CO2
The Energy Ministry plans to launch the “One Community, One Power Plant” scheme for renewable resources in September to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Airports upgrade plan now includes minister's home province
Airports of Thailand has changed its regional airport takeover and development plan to include the transport minister's home province, Buriram. The expansion of Suvarnabhumi airport will also be accelerated.

Govt announces B21bn rice price insurance scheme
The National Rice Policy Committee, chaired by Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha, on Wednesday announced 21 billion baht in subsidies to help stabilise prices for rice farmers hurt by drought and a strong baht.

Surprise exports jump in July
Exports unexpectedly rose for the first time in five months in July, up 4.3% from the same month a year earlier, largely boosted by higher shipments of gold as a safe-haven asset.

US ports brace for surge of imports ahead of new tariffs on China
NEW YORK - The latest lurches in President Donald Trump's trade war with China set the stage for a potential repeat of late 2018 when goods flooded into America's ports to beat new tariffs.

Gold lifts exports to unexpected growth in July
Customs-cleared exports rose in July for the first time in five months, up 4.28% from a year earlier, as gold shipments surged, the commerce ministry said on Wednesday.

SC confirms its revenue projection of 19 billion baht, up over 20 percent.
With an expansion of every segment of detached home, SC plans to launch 10 projects worth 13.3 billion baht in the second half of 2019 and increase recurring income by developing 7 hotels in 3 years.

'Resized' Tata says car sales in Thailand will continue
Tata Motors Thailand plans to keep a business presence in the country despite ceasing local assembly in the financial year that ended in March.

TAT and Shopee spreading e-commerce locally
Local tourism operators have teamed up with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and Shopee to use e-commerce to expand group travel, especially among younger segments.

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