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Power balances on a half million votes
Phalang Pracharat’s built-in advantages ought to keep Prayut in charge, but expectations will be keener for a better society

Election storylines: The Good the Bad and the Democrats 
Pro-military party scores another coup as Thaksin’s grip weakens

So much at risk in the US war on Huawei
Politics and trade disputes muddy the waters in a legal matter that’s ostensibly about security

China’s private museums face cost pressures
On the eve of Art Basel in Hong Kong at the end of this month, concerns are emerging about the ability of China’s private museums to meet the financial demands of maintaining collections and exhibition programmes.

The key to a coup-free future
The elected politicians in the next Parliament have to do their jobs with only the country’s best interests at heart

Closing the gap in early childhood care for every child in Thailand
A frightening prospect for children born in Thailand today is that by the time they reach adulthood, Thailand will be an aged society with a dependency ratio of 1.7 workers for every old person. In 2010 that figure was 5 workers for every old person.

Old foes, millennials stand in way of junta election victory
Thailand holds its first election in eight years on Sunday under rules concocted by a junta to keep it in power, but with the appeal of both old foes and the new millennial vote posing an unpredictable challenge. 

At the dawn of ‘e-mobility’ without a road map
There’s a long, bumpy ride ahead for the government, automotive industry  and consumers once the electric-car revolution ignites

Who will be our next PM?
An athletic billionaire, a marijuana advocate, a gruff coup leader, and a candidate jokingly labelled the “strongest man on earth”.

Dalai Lama trying to stir up trouble again
The 83-year-old 14th Dalai Lama told Reuters in an interview on Monday this week that once he dies, his reincarnation will be found in India, and added that any other successor named by China would not be respected.

Why election promises always ring hollow
For all their avowed generosity, few candidates seem to grasp the massive cost of fixing all our problems

China’s 737 move shows growing global aviation clout 
The key role China played in grounding the troubled Boeing 737 MAX 8 has demonstrated its growing clout in global aviation and may give it an extra bargaining chip in trade talks with Washington.

Netflix dramatises notorious India gang-rape murder case
Filmmaker Richie Mehta was at first reluctant to make Netflix’s latest Indian series, documenting the aftermath of the notorious gang-rape and murder of an Indian student that made global headlines.

Thai politics is a man’s world. How can we change that? 
Former MP Arja Alho offers lessons from a pioneer of political gender equality  

A proposed five-point plan for children for the next government to reflect on
Thailand has made remarkable progress in social and economic development over the past few decades.

Asean must secure solid guarantee on Rohingya
Repatriation to Myanmar cannot be allowed to progress until conditions there are safe 

Huge early-voter turnout spells trouble for Prayut 
More than 2.2 million Thais turned out for early voting – almost 90 per cent of those registered – for the hotly anticipated national election, as the junta’s main opposition predicted a cliffhanger to the first poll in eight years.

You would be right to feel pessimistic about it 
By the time we meet next week, Thailand will have changed. Or so it will seem. An election will have been held and the nation will have  taken a big stride back towards civilian rule.

Climate of fear
Deaths, jail and cyber spies: The dangers of dissent in Thailand

Let’s expunge the myth of white supremacy
Fifty innocent Muslims were murdered in Christchurch last week because an ideologically deranged fanatic believed they’d invaded his God-given territory. And more young people are being taught the same lies

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