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IoT and the world’s first trillionaire
Virtually all of the billionaires on Forbes list have one thing in common.

Uber and out! Metered cabs are digging their own grave 
If they want to stop Uber, representatives of the metered-taxi service in Thailand must get together with authorities to solve the long-standing problem of cabbies who only accept fares when it suits them.

American democracy being murdered … or nurtured?
Re: “Is American democracy dying in front of our eyes”: Have Your Say, yesterday.

World has only one shield against global trade war 
Re: “A TPP trial balloon shot down in China skies”, Thai Talk, March 23. 

A sad tale of false belief and animal exploitation 
Re: “How many more Ormsins are out there?”, Have Your Say, March 23. 

United Europe as an anchor for drifting world order 
Today marks 60 years since the signature of the Rome Treaties, the first step towards a united Europe. Since the birth of the European Communities in 1957, the citizens of our member states have enjoyed six decades of unprecedented peace, prosperity and security.

Saudi king’s visit and  Indonesia’s hypocrisy
When my older sister who lives in Germany came to Indonesia recently, we gave her the royal treatment. Well, she’s family after all and had not visited in 12 years.

Kathmandu’s quake-hit heritage being undermined by lowest bidders
Caretaker Deepak Shrestha padlocked shut the quake-ravaged remains of the Trailokya Mohan Narayan temple in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu to keep out the contractors who are meant to be rebuilding it.

Will China join the TPP? You’re asking the wrong question
Some people are still debating whether China will join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) despite the Foreign Ministry recently making it clear that Beijing has maintained its stance on the TPP even after the United States’ withdrawal from the economic grouping.

The changing face of terrorism
The attack in London underscores the variety of the threat and a growing ideological divide

Thaksin tax seizure: justice or revenge?
Re: “Thaksin’s tax saga: One bizarre rationale begets another”, The Nation, March 22.

Asean must recognise nature of China’s threat
Beijing’s actions have become worrisome. It doesn’t respect the rule of law, much less its commitment under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (Unclos).

Just how sick is the Western world?
Were a man with a wife and family to leave his front door wide open with a notice saying “welcome Islamic terrorists”, his mental health would be in question.

Is American democracy dying in front of our eyes?
The political situation in the US is getting more and more confusing, putting the whole world on edge.

Time’s up! Thailand must declare poor exam scores 
Some 380,000 Grade 12 (mathayom six) students took the yearly national O-Net exams for university admission across five subjects.

Maybe this will cheer you up
The UN blames corruption for making the Land of Smiles unhappy, but Bloomberg cites low inflation in naming it the happiest of economies. Go figure

Aliens surface off the coast of Phuket
The sighting of false killer whales by a group of lucky marine tourists in Phuket last week should serve as a reminder that despite mankind’s demonstrated ability to shape our environment, there is still a lot going on around us that we understand poorly – or not at all. 

A TPP trial balloon shot down in China skies
China joining the TPP? At first, the idea was floated from Beijing. But it was shot down almost immediately. Of course, one safe way out of an embarrassing situation for officials is to blame it on a “misunderstanding” by “certain media outlets”.

Data does not definitively point to rising sea levels 
Re: “Fame news versus the sobering facts of climate change”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

The Nation caught in crossfire of propaganda war
Re: “Editorial was a shameful misrepresentation of Syrian tragedy”, Letters, March 22.

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