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Bean-counters sold our lovely embassy in Ploenchit
Isn’t it a shame that the British Government will now be totally abandoning the Embassy grounds in Ploenchit, probably for a dour dull-grey office block in some traffic snarled part of town.

Fear not prostate cancer
Many recent letters discuss prostate cancer, much feared by the ageing male.. as its incidence is only second to lung cancer, (in the US).

How will US-China diplomatic dialogue narrow gap over N Korea?
If China truly aspires to work in partnership with the United States, it must strengthen the pressure being applied on North Korea and put the brakes on Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile development. The United States must tenaciously continue urging China to take such action.

Security blunders proving deadly for our young troops 
Deadly blast that killed six in Pattani on Monday highlights skewed military purchasing priorities 

We talked with North Korea: It won’t give up its nukes 
Not even the fate of American student Otto Warmbier, who died this week after returning to the United States following his detainment in North Korea, will dissuade advocates of “engagement” with Pyongyang.

Playing, watching football can never be the same
Helping referees make calls with video replays is literally a game-changer

NCPO will be long gone when bill for high-speed rail arrives 
The whole thing is that Thailand doesn’t need high-speed rail.

Yingluck has outwitted jackboot justice
Re: “Attempt to seize Yingluck’s assets hit snag”, The Nation, yesterday.

Russia scandal is a gigantic hoax being pulled on Americans 
Re: “How Mueller’s investigation into Trump might unfold”, Opinion, June 20.

Bankrupt ideas wrapped up in baroque prose 
The flibbertigibbet JC Wilcox continues to carpet bomb us with the usual conspiratorial dross, presumably in the hope that rational readers will take it in. When he’s not apologising for Trump, that is.

Conspiracy theorists who don’t furnish facts are cranks 
Re: “Globalism is a conspiracy – but not a Jewish one”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

Donald Trump quietly reveals that he’s a ‘bluffing’ president
Last month, three days after he fired the director of the FBI, US President Donald Trump tweeted, “James Comey better hope that there are no tapes of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!”

We already know what happens when you allow soldiers to rule
Re: “PM asks people not to hate military”, the Nation, yesterday.

Globalism is a conspiracy – but not a Jewish one
Re: “JC flirting dangerously with ant-Semitic conspiracy theories”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

These gutsy gladiators need an arena of their own 
Re: “The science behind veganism is solid”, “Digging deeper into Dr Dean Ornish’s therapy for cancer” and “Path to obesity sign-posted by four letters – HFCS,” Have Your Say, yesterday.

Let poor schools follow the example of rich temples 
Re: “Boost underfunded Thai schools by floating entry fees”, Letters, June 22, 2017.

Buffet of diet information leading to indigestion
Being an average, uncomplicated human I consume food for the same reasons as the large majority of planet’s population.

China’s bullying is only firing Taiwanese defiance 
The decision by Panama to establish a diplomatic link with China has set Taiwan further adrift in the global arena. Panama’s defection from Taiwan leaves barely 20 countries that still recognise the island, all using its formal name the Republic of China.

Action needed to halt Trump’s trigger finger
Southeast Asia could play a pivotal role in getting the United States and North Korea to cool down and talk

PM bullies country girl for swivelling hips, ignores hi-so killers
Re: “Things we learned from Lamyai, the (latest) dirty dancer”, The Nation, yesterday.

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