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The CIA director is waging war on free speech
Mike Pompeo, in his first speech as director of the CIA, chose to declare war on free speech rather than on the United States’ actual adversaries.

Flying cars set for launch in three years: Uber
Uber says it wants to launch a system of flying cars to move people around cities, with a goal of putting demonstration projects in place by 2020.

Education simply isn’t taken seriously in Thailand
Finnish researchers have identified inequality of educational opportunities in urban and rural Thailand as the main problem in the Thai education system.

When dogs are treated as toys they become disposable
As an animal lover, I am dismayed to read that many dogs in Southeast Asia have succumbed to canine parvovirus disease (“parvo”), due to improper care from their owners or pet shops (“What is being done to limit cases of canine parvovirus?”, April 8).

The Philippine ‘drug war’ is actually a post-truth massacre
The Easter pause helped me think more about the suffering and deaths in the “war on drugs” that has likely made the Philippines the world’s bloodiest, most ruthless and most frightening country that isn’t at war.

Solution to annual smog could be staring you in the face
Re: “Organic fertiliser project suggested as burning alternative”,  Chiang Mai Citylife.

Submarine deal exposes junta’s breathtaking arrogance, contempt
Re: “Prawit confirms China submarine purchase done deal”, The Nation, yesterday.

Seminal advice to all would-be sperm donors
Re: “More Beasley children on the way”, Letters, April 26

What has a world war got to do with the new Thai charter?
When I sat down with Meechai Ruchupan, chairman of the constitution drafting committee, it wasn’t to chat about the rising tension on the Korean Peninsula. But the war scenario did come up.

Beijing shifts stance on North Korea, but is Pyongyang listening? 
Though no one knows how the growing crisis over North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats will play out, one is thing clear: China is taking unprecedented pains to put pressure on the North. 

Why ‘Buying American’ could mean losing America
President Donald Trump recently signed the “Buy American, Hire American” executive order, which seeks to crack down on fraud and abuse of the skilled worker (H-1B) visa programme.

Government secrecy undermines public trust
So now Thailand has a submarine, but why, and at what cost to stability, remain to be seen

Pyongyang overestimating its strength, misunderstanding peril 
If the risks surrounding the Korean Peninsula were perceived to be dangerously high, it is because of the fear that anything could happen at any time in the tense standoff that developed between Washington and Pyongyang.

Count on France to save the EU
Recognising the value of interdependence, most voters are unlikely to embrace the divisive far right

Biggest development project in history is challenging US-led order
The Belt and Road Initiative is not about economics, but about expanding China’s strategic and political influence at America’s expense

US Embassy treats Thai visa applicants like crime suspects
Thailand and the US have been allies since 1818. But US people in Thailand are treated much better by the Thai government than Thai people are treated by the US Embassy.

Hints in Syria that human race could be doomed  
Re: “Children paying a heavy price in war-torn regions”, Editorial, April 23.

The sorry saga of Tarit Pengdith
Re: “Ex-DSI chief Tarit sacked for being ‘unusually rich’”, National, April 25.

The modern myth of man as meat-eater
The diet/health debate continues to emerge from time to time and currently with the contretemps between Mssrs Turk and Bahrt. Points of view seem to be based only on reports from doctors and dietary experts. There is no reference to physiological facts.

Thai democracy missing more than just a revolution plaque
What differentiates democracy from other political systems is that it doesn’t really need a symbol.

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