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A brazen political killing shakes Myanmar, already teetering on the path to democracy

A man carrying a portrait of Ko Ni clears a way for the arrival of the slain lawyer's grandson in Yangon, Myanmar, in January. A man carrying a portrait of Ko Ni clears a way for the arrival of the slain lawyer's grandson in Yangon, Myanmar, in January.

Hundreds get food poisoning from free meal in Myanmar

A free lunch for villagers in southern Myanmar turned sour after it landed more than a third of the rural community in hospital with food poisoning, local officials said this morning. Hundreds of villagers from Eain Ta Lone, west of Yangon, fell ill after eating fish stew served at a Buddhist ceremony to celebrate the ordination of local novices.

Kayan Neck Rings

The Kayan are a subgroup of the Red Karen people, a Tibeto-Burman ethnic minority of Burma . The Kayan consists of the following groups: Kayan Lahwi is a Shan term for the Kayan Lahwi .

First Japanese food court opens in Myanmar

The first Japanese food court in Myanmar has opened in Yangon in a joint venture between Tokyo-based trading giant Sojitz Corp and the largest local retail chain, City Mart Holdings. Dubbed "Tokyo Dining City," the facility has six restaurants that feature authentic culinary arts of Japan combined with quality service, according to Sojitz.

The Last Pipe-Makers of Belu Island

Crafting smoking pipes in Burma has never been a big business, although it has endured through generations. Now the dwindling cottage industry relies on a handful of people in Ywalut village of Chaungzon Township to keep it alive.

Government to ask 70,000 refugees to go home

Thailand will ask nearly 70,000 refugees displaced by skirmishes in Myanmar to return home, but only on a voluntary basis. Those ready to make the trip back home will be sent only gradually, 3rd Army chief Lt Gen Vijak Siribansop said Thursday.

Chinese dishes that people in Far East have never heard of

You've been Shanghaied! The popular dishes at your local Chinese takeaways that people in the Far East have never heard of According to a survey conducted by Hungry House, half of the popular Chinese dishes ordered in the UK do not exist in Asian countries, or at least, they are an Anglicised version of Asian food. Jeremy Pang, founder and head of chef at School of Wok in London said that many dishes from Chinese takeaways in the UK have been adapted to westerners' palates.

Rangoon Lawmakers Ask That City Expansion Project be Separated from Planning Bill

Outspoken lawmakers urged the Rangoon regional government on Thursday not to continue city expansion without what they referred to as a "proper" business plan. In a debate session on the regional planning bill for 2017-2018, legislators asked that the expansion project, which was submitted as part of the bill, be re-submitted to the parliament separately.

Photo of Meeting Between KNU Chairman and Than Shwe Revealed

The only known photo of a meeting between retired Gen Than Shwe, chief of Burma's military junta, and leaders of the Karen National Union-including its chairman Saw Mutu Say Poe-has been revealed on Facebook, after the two held a nearly three-hour talk in Naypyidaw in late November last year. In the photo, retired Gen Than Shwe and Saw Mutu Say Poe sat alongside KNU general secretary Padoh Kwe Htoo Win and Saw Roger Khin, another KNU top leader, at Than Shwe's home in Naypyidaw.

Ban Eased on Party Stages for Thingyan Water Festival

A ban will be eased on for-profit pavilions in Rangoon during the Thingyan water festival this April, though the structures will be confined to private areas, among other regulations, according to the regional government. Naw Pann Thinzar Myo, the Rangoon government's Karen Ethnic Affairs Minister, told the media at the regional parliament on Thursday that pavilions would only be allowed in private spaces during the Burmese New Year's festivities, which take place from April 13 to 16. The stages will be barred from Kabar Aye Pagoda Road, Kan Pat Lane and Inya Road, said the minister, adding that the scrutinizing body would review the applications based on the locations' neighborhoods and traffic concerns in the areas.

Legal Experts Reject Govt Claims of Judiciary Reform

Observers of Burma's legal affairs expressed skepticism over the judiciary's reform under the National League for Democracy government despite accomplishments claimed by the Supreme Court in state media. "Burma's judiciary system is in accordance with the standards widely practiced in democratic countries," the March 14 edition of Myanma Alinn claimed as part of the government's coverage of its "one-year performance" in state-run newspapers.

LM Claims Can Meet Early IOC on T-X Trainer Program | Airspace...

It's been revealed that Myanmar has received the first batch of three Yak-130 combat trainer aircraft, with the contract to be fully delivered by the end of 2017. Yangon ordered the aircraft back in 2015 to become the fourth export customer , and followed up with an order of a Yak simulator in 2016.

Myanmar Luxury Property Hampered by Confusion Over Law on Foreign Buyers

Confusion over a law allowing foreigners to buy condominiums in Myanmar is prolonging a slowdown in its residential property sector, highlighting the challenges of regulatory flux in the frontier market. unanswered questions such as whether it applies to existing apartments, hurting efforts to woo investors. The outlook now depends partly on bylaws the government is working on to clarify the legislation, according to local developer "We expect the bylaws early this year," Yoma Executive Director Cyrus Pun said in an interview.

Waste not on World Water Day: Bob McDonald

Bob McDonald is the host of CBC Radio's award-winning weekly science program, Quirks & Quarks. He is also a science commentator for CBC News Network and CBC TV's The National.

New Mon State Party Likely to Sign NCA

The New Mon State Party is likely to sign the nationwide ceasefire agreement despite waning enthusiasm for the agreement in the United Nationalities Federal Council , of which the NMSP is a member. "We are considering whether to sign the NCA and are collecting ideas from [local] people," said NMSP spokesperson Nai Win Hla after a meeting between NMSP members and community leaders, including Buddhist monks, in the Mon State capital Moulmein on Wednesday.

By-Elections Stir Up Regional Controversy

By-elections around the country scheduled for April 1 have highlighted regional power imbalances and differences between the National League for Democracy and local ethnic parties. Nineteen seats are up for grabs nationwide: eight in Shan State; five in Rangoon; one each in Chin, Mon, Karenni and Arakan states; and one each in Pegu and Sagaing.

Parliamentary Committee Contests Full Citizenship for Maungdaw Muslims

A seven-member investigation committee from within the Arakan State parliament criticized the township level National Verification Card securitization body, for, as they said, "wrongly issuing full citizenship" to Muslims in Maungdaw District. The body reportedly issued "pink ID cards"-denoting full citizenship-to 22 Muslims, and offered naturalized citizenship to 37 others.

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